About Us

We are a small group of believers in Jesus Christ seeking by God’s grace to help each other and others grow in a true and intimate knowledge of God and His gospel, our conformity to His Son in sincere and sacrificial love, and heartfelt obedience to His word by the Holy Spirit in all matters of faith and practice. Although through much prayer and study of the Scriptures each of us has felt called to meet together as a church and would love and welcome all who would like to join us, our heart is not necessarily to “plant a church” or try to bring people in to fulfill “our vision.” We actually hope that God would protect us from the dangers that often accompany these ways of thinking, which end up viewing God and people as means rather than the ends themselves. Our heart is simply to grow in a real love for God and our neighbor and to proclaim the gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ for the edification of saints and salvation of souls. For more information on some of our general convictions, check out our beliefs.

Right now we consist of four committed believers and some others who are seeking. We also have close relationships with the elders and believers of Red Mills Baptist Church, and hope to eventually develop stronger relationships with other evangelical churches in the area. One of our brothers is also a graduate from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and while he puts little confidence in the formal degree itself, he values greatly the wisdom and counsel of sound men of God who confirmed his gifts and encouraged this move.

More than anything, we hope that this site can be a valuable resource to any who seek to know more of God. Please check out our resources, especially the audio and video messages. Many of the men posted are not well-known in mainline circles, but are rare gems of God who have not only blessed ours, but many other lives around the world as well. Please feel free to contact us with any and all questions, prayer requests, counsel, etc.