As we seek to follow the Spirit in our Sunday meetings, more times than not it often results in in-depth teaching with much discussion during and afterward.  Sadly, not everything that needs to be said about many issues can be adequately covered during these times, and our minds are easily distracted throughout the week while our enemy is waiting to snatch up the word before it takes root in our lives (Matt. 13:19).  We also want each other and others to search these things out themselves before God in order to see if they are true (Acts 17:11).  Therefore, these pages are to provide summaries of the things we discussed during the teachings on  Sunday, and to provide some Scripture references and resources for more personal reflection and study.  Enjoy.

The Son as Creator

This teaching focused on the Son as Creator. Oftentimes when we think of our “Creator,” or when we read in the scriptures that “God created,” we tend to think of God the Father. This isn’t necessarily wrong. As was touched on before, all activities of the Godhead find their ultimate foundation in Him and His will. However, if we stop there we are misunderstanding the beautiful harmony of the Trinity and the Father’s relationship to creation. There is not one iota of interaction that God the Father has with creation that is not done with and through His Son, and this is especially true of the initial creation. All things were created by God the Father–but they were created through the Son (Jn. 1:3, Col 1:16).

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The Lord’s Supper: A Lost Celebration

The Lord’s Supper has been one of the most important and hotly debated issues throughout Church history, and was one of the most controversial and dividing issues during the Protestant Reformation. I would agree with Calvin that early on, among other corruptions, Satan infected the Church with false mists of lies and superstitions that influenced and drew Her away from the true biblical and familial nature of the Lord’s Supper (FOOTNOTE). Many different traditions have all sorts of elaborate and differing views of what the Lord’s Supper actually is and does…

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Healthy New Covenant Church Life

This is a summary of one of the earliest teachings we had. I found a brief outline and will try to summarize it as clearly as possible. If we truly prayed over and meditated upon these biblical truths, as well as looked back in history as to how many of our godly brothers and sisters used to live together, we would see that so much of what goes on today in the guise of “American Christianity” finds its foundation and energy in the religious flesh. This is a brief examination of one of the clearest and most succinct summarize of church-life that we find in the New Testament.

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