~ Ministries ~


Website that contains much media and edifying content for the devout Christian.  Most of the material consists of collected videos of Pastor Tim Conway, Paul Washer, Charles Leiter, Bob Jennings, and other men of God.  The primary theme of the ministry is to testify and make plain as to what the Bible says about the salvation of sinners.


NTRF is part of a growing body of believers who have come to see the importance of following New Testament patterns in church practice.  They have taken to heart the evangelical belief that the Bible is a Christian’s final authority, not only in matters of faith, but also in matters of practice.  They see theological significance in the distinctive practices of the apostolic church.

They advocate orthodox, historic, classic Protestant Christianity poured into the winesking of the New Testament church practices.  Thus they strongly argue for living room sized churches, the Lord’s Supper as a full meal, church leaders as servants, governement by consensus, the right and responsibility of the brothers to make decisions corporately, no clergy-laity distinction, and interactive participatory church meetings.


A group of devout believers gathered for the primary purpose of advancing the Kingdom of God abroad by supporting and training indigenous missionaries around the world.  They do not make any of their financial needs known, but have depended on and have been blessed by God to provide for all of their needs and those of the missionaries they support, which includes over 80 men and their families in over 15 countries throughout Eastern Europe, South America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.


Website ministry established by a group of members at Christ Fellowship of Hannibal, for the purpose of being a one stop internet resource to provide believers with some of the best greatest sermons, books, and material that has helped them in their own Christian lives.  Their goal is to provide resources with the greatest theological excellence and practical wisdom they can find, some which are offered for free, others that are offered for as much as one can afford.


Website ministry of Dr. John Piper, focused on spreading a passion for the supremecy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples through Jesus Christ.  This website provides hundreds of resources and products for help believers find their joy in God.  In their resource library, one will find hundreds of expository sermons, articles, online books, biographies, seminars, and other resources to read, listen, and watch, all without charge.  In the store, one will find all of John Piper’s books, and many CD albums, MP3s, and DVDs of his messages available for purchase.  They offer much material for free, and also hold to a pay-what-you-can-afford policy..


CCW is the teaching and writing ministry of Jim Ellff.  His compelling interests are the reformation of the church, biblical evangelism, and the hope for authentic revival in our day.  He also follows the principals of George Mueller, not making any of his financial needs known, but simply trusting in the Lord to provide and sustain his ministry.


Non-profit ministry organization of Dr. Sam Storms, which is set up to be a resource not only for pastors and leaders but for all Christians who long to dig more deeply into the word of God and to experience the fullness of the Spirit’s power.  Dr. Storms is known for his promotion of both the Doctrines of Grace and charismatic Spirit-filled experience, whose website is a valuable resource for any believer who is looking to learn more about these riches of the Christian life

~ Internet Resources ~


Tremendous resource for in depth Bible study.  Commentaries linked to specific Bible verses; translation tools, including verb parsing; audio and video; maps and charts; devotionals, etc.


CCEL is a digital library of hundreds of classic Christian books selected for edification and education.  This is an amazing resource that helps several million users each year.  All of the volumes are in the public domain and are available to read online for free, or to download practically no cost.


The primary internet resource for any and all research on Jonathan Edwards and his writings.  Contains a voluminous amount of Edwards’ original manuscripts which were acquired from his family in the early 20th century.  Besides its primary location at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, the Center maintains affiliated centers in Australia, Benelux, Brazil, Poland, Germany, and South America.  The Center has published 26 volumes (letter press, available for purchase), and 73 volumes (digital edition, available for free online) of Edwards’ works.


An amazing resource providing an astounding amount of Spurgeons’ works for free reading and download, including all 63 volumes containing 3,563 of his sermons.  Also provided are Old and New Testament Scripture indexes which match each sermon with its relevenant text of Scripture.


The number one stop for all who seek a deeper Christian walk in the area of biblical beardsmenship.  BGM is a celebration of facial fair, the gospel, and robust masculinity, with a prophetical call to the men of the Church to “dig again the old wells” and discover that God-given beard for which their face was made.  By far one of the best websites ever to grace the internet.